How Attorneys are Leveraging the Great Reshuffle in 2022

September 12, 20224 min read

The Great Reshuffle, a recent topic of discussion by Ryan Roslansky, CEO of LinkedIn, beautifully captures the essence of what millions of Americans are navigating right now. Given what each individual personally realized during the COVID-19 pandemic, the primary question most are contemplating is “what is important to me?”

According to Founder of LinkedIn, 72% of professionals are rethinking their opportunities and upskilling with specialized training programs so that they can reposition how and where they work. 

Why?  To feel more fulfilled!

Non-profit organizations like ArtWorks Legal Incubator are poised to provide an accelerated path to ease the career transition that many attorneys want to embrace. 

Acceleration expedites the desired outcome by quickly gaining momentum and ensuring early success.

Attorneys rank in the bottom 7% for job satisfaction in the US and many are “Navigating the Great Reshuffle” by repositioning themselves as Intellectual Property Attorneys to serve the millions of individuals who are also rewriting their future.  

Using practical "know-how," ArtWorks Legal Incubator guides attorneys in how to shave up to 10 years off the typical learning curve of Intellectual Property Law.

A recent case at ArtWorks successfully protected a unique business model that was at risk due to a rejected patent application.

The business model was the result of many years of hard work by two individuals who had formed a business together. Under the guidance of a general legal practitioner, a patent was to be submitted, simply because that is what the owners requested.  The stress resulting from the ineligibility of the work for patent disrupted the joint owner’s working relationship, triggered doubt about each other’s capability, and the risk of having years of hard work stolen limited their ability to move their business forward.

ArtWorks expertise in the practical application of Intellectual Property Law expedited the desired outcome by starting with a proactive strategic plan.

Preliminary research identified the optimal IP protection plan as trademark and trade secrets, rather than patent protection.

A proactive decision to adjust the graphic before filing for IP protection optimized the likelihood of approval. 

A carefully crafted, word-based property description was identified for use in the application that would easily trigger prior use and ensure protection in future IP searches.

Unique disclaimers and contractual agreements were structured to empower these joint business owners to confidently ask for business.

ArtWorksempowers attorneys to blend a practical application of IP services with their former legal training to accelerate the ability to support each business owner’s intended growth, expansion and impact.

As noted, the case referenced would have been denied IP protection had the owners continued working with the general practitioner.  ArtWorks attorneys master the ability to avoid delays, complications, and the emotional turmoil that is triggered by office actions and unnecessary rejections.  

Completing an intellectual property protection application is not the work.  It is the expert preparation in advance of the application that reflects an Intellectual Property attorney’s mastery.  The strategic preparation we teach results in IP applications that are easily approved and become incontestable.

The value of Intellectual Property extends beyond protection and into a position of empowerment for the business owner. In fact, Intellectual Property Protection is an asset that supports business expansion and growth.

In the cited example above, an investor evaluated the IP portfolio as part of his evaluation process and agreed to fund an expansion plan. The IP portfolio also accelerated agreeing to mutually beneficial contract terms.  Distribution agreements were easily prepared to execute the expansion plan in not one, but multiple and simultaneous directions. Most importantly, these business owners solidified their “shaken” working relationship and are experiencing mutual success.

The client trust that is fostered by attorneys trained by ArtWorks accelerates the development of mutually satisfying, cooperative, loyal client relationships and elevates the legal role into a long term, trusted legal advisor.

In this case, the utilization of a trade secrets manual, distribution agreements and contract terms easily demonstrated the expertise provided. As collaborative partners received the legal tools developed by ArtWorks, multiple requests for IP legal services were received from many of this client’s partners. 

Since our proactive strategic plan served this business so effectively, these business owners were eager to personally recommendation ArtWorks trained attorneys.    

Acceleration is most successful when it also alleviates financial and emotional stress for all parties involved, including the IP attorney.

With ArtWorks “Earn and You Learn” mentorship model, attorneys immediately monetize their enhanced legal skill set by serving ArtWorks clients in need of IP Legal Services. 

Without the burden of having to independently secure clients, enrolled attorneys narrow their focus on navigating their new expertise and accelerate the mastery of Intellectual Property Law. 

As referenced in the Great Reshuffle, when individuals and businesses align their services with their unique personal purpose, they successfully reposition how and where they work to enhance their personal fulfillment and career satisfaction.

ArtWorks Intellectual Property Legal Incubator accelerates your path to fulfillment and satisfaction. 

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